XBMC-CVS 2006-07-03-T3CH

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Az XBOX Media Center 2006.07.03-i kiadása megtalálható a letöltések között.

Az XBOX Media Center 2006.07.03-i kiadása megtalálható a letöltések között.

A javítások megtekíntéséhez kattints a tovább gombra.

2006-07-03 fixed: Default Album image was shown even if no music was playing on the Movie Information screen. 2006-06-30 changed: visible condition for weather on homescreen from system.hasnetwork to weather.isfetched 2006-06-27 fixed: my pictures homescreen texture was there twice - wtf!? 2006-06-27 changed: homescreen infos 2006-06-27 changed: some new icons 2006-06-27 fixed: navigation bugs in filebrowser and settings 2006-06-26 fixed: Music Infos in the homescreen didnt hide when the "Show Music Info" Setting was disabled 2006-06-26 changed: trainer icons retouched 2006-06-26 fixed: listcontrol in the filebrowser was too wide 2006-06-26 changed: all new filemanager 2006-06-25 added: various infos to the homescreen - can be hidden in skin settings (Special Thanks to Jezz_X for the idea and for help with the code) 2006-06-25 added: Setting to hide the RSS in the homescreen when music is playing 2006-06-25 added: Bookmarks section in skin settings - to customize the bookmark buttons 2006-06-25 changed: skin animations switch moved to skin settings 2006-06-25 added: skin settings screen (its found in the settings overview left panel) 2006-06-25 removed: tag from default image controls in References.xml 2006-06-22 added: create folder button in filebrowser. 2006-06-22 changed: Settings & Refresh buttons look more consistent with other windows now. 2006-06-22 added: Settings button to Weather screen 2006-06-21 removed: startup fade effect - it was annoying 2006-06-20 fixed: startup sound 2006-06-20 changed: custom*.xml naming 2006-06-20 changed: shutdown menu wont animate any more if skin animations are OFF (makes sense for 1080i) 2006-06-18 added: missing bookkmark buttons in My Pictures 2006-06-18 changed: moved the media infos up 20px during slideshow and fullscreen viz 2006-06-18 fixed: the custom fonts arrived (thanks font guru ;) 720p and 1080i fully supported now 2006-06-17 fixed: HDTV font sizes (not yet finished - waiting for a custom made font) 2006-06-17 changed: reverted trainer overlays 2006-06-15 added: switchable bookmark buttons for every main category screen 2006-06-15 fixed: various alignment issues to match HD standard -- all resolutions are better now -- (all OSDs, Sort Asc/Desc buttons, home buttons, thumbnailpanels, etc) 2006-06-15 fixed: general xml cleanup 2006-06-14 changed: home screen backgrounds 2006-06-12 changed: animate skin button changed to a radiobutton (cleans up the code), thanks to Smokehead. 2006-06-07 changed: dialogbuttonmenu alignment when no locks are available. 2006-06-05 added: masterlock in dialogsubmenu 2006-06-01 fixed: navigation in dialogmediasource 2006-05-27 fixed: Unable to select Cancel on Filebrowser if Ok was greyed out. 2006-05-08 added: KAI connection indicator to the KAI button in My Programs 2006-05-08 added: OFF texture for radiobuttons 2006-05-08 added: new overlays for "Watched", "Unwatched", "ZIP", "RAR" and "Locked" 2006-05-08 changed: Trainer Overlays 2006-05-08 changed: weather location selection 2006-05-06 fixed: Removed references to common-font64.xpr in font.xml files. 2006-05-01 fixed: DialogScriptInfo window - Spincontrols were not positioned correctly. 2006-04-28 changed: Stack button to a radio button. Plus more cleanup of playlist and duration info. 2006-04-28 fixed: Minor cleanup of playlist info and duration info on visualisation if they are unknown. 2006-04-27 fixed: Removed Playlists button from Music and Video Files views (it's now a bookmark) 2006-04-26 fixed: [ 1476193 ] XBMC keyboard and default key behavior 2006-04-24 fixed: Same thing in Album and Movie Info screens. 2006-04-24 fixed: Music and Video overlay fadelabels could display " | | | " when no information was present. 2006-04-21 fixed: Album and Video info dialogs didn't have the content panel background. 2006-04-21 fixed: [ 1474061 ] Browse subtitle (cosmetic problem) 2006-04-20 fixed: Label in MusicVisualisation.xml showed extra " - " if the visualisation had no presets. 2006-04-19 fixed: Animation of last button on left in My Programs. 2006-04-19 fixed: small visualistion bug in the homescreen 2006-04-17 fixed: DialogScriptInfo.xml didn't have the content panel. 2006-04-14 fixed: [ 1469714 ] Music OSD play button problem. 2006-04-06 fixed: DialogGamepad.xml and DialogNumeric.xml were the only dialog XMLs with a lower case D as first letter 2006-04-06 removed: custom3.xml is no longer used (PY skin builder) 2006-04-06 added: function to toggle visualisation and video in the homescreen with the BLACK button (new keymap.xml needed!) 2006-04-06 added: skin animation (BETA); effects switchable in settings 2006-03-30 changed: new shutdownmenu effects 2006-03-28 fixed: Some issues with the new dialogs 2006-03-28 fixed: Big Listview in Music Library and Video (Title) 2006-03-27 changed: new OSD dialogs and trainer settings dialog 2006-03-26 fixed: IP input button on the virtual keyboard used wrong textures 2006-03-26 changed: cosmetical and logical dialogs update 2006-03-09 changed: Py Skin builder button is set to invisible. 2006-03-07 changed: Updated to v2.0 compatibility. 2006-03-06 fixed: DialogVideoInfo.xml, movieimage was overlapping text in 16x9. 2006-03-02 changed: List selectedcolor is now a different colour defined in includes.xml 2006-02-28 changed: Removed all instances of (2.0 compatible) 2006-02-26 added: Trainer overlays, thx to BPairs for gfx! 2006-02-21 changed: Changed VideoOSD so it skips to Previous & Next file instead of Seek action. 2006-02-20 fixed: Weather.xml still wasn't quite right in 16x9. 2006-02-15 fixed: Home.xml visibility on the buttons was Player.HasMedia rather than Player.HasAudio. Also added allowhiddenfocus="true" to the non conditional buttons that hide. 2006-02-15 fixed: Weather now uses labels instead of buttons. 2006-02-13 added: New dialogs for Add Share function. 2006-02-09 fixed: Very wide album images could overlap the text in MusicVisualisation. 2006-02-09 changed: Added an "IP Address" button to the keyboard. 2006-02-09 fixed: base texture for the settings button in home.xml disappeared when anything but My Programs had focus (changed ID from 102 to 0) 2006-02-08 changed: PlayerControls.xml only shows when media is playing. 2006-02-06 changed: Updated to v1.99 compatible. 2006-02-05 changed: Used and it now uses font10. 2006-02-04 changed: Notifications dialog should scroll if text is too long. 2006-02-04 changed: Home.xml now uses the ControlGroup().HasFocus() rather than relying on the home code (v2.0 ready). 2006-02-04 removed: Custom4.xml no longer needed (controls moved to Slideshow.xml) 2006-02-04 changed: All occurences of replaced with 2006-02-04 changed: Player.ShowInfo -> Player.ShowCodec in Slideshow.xml. 2006-02-01 changed: Using in MyWeather.xml. 2006-01-25 fixed: Fullscreen showed progressbar below real progressbar. 2006-01-20 fixed: Credits ran twice when run from Settings. 2006-01-17 fixed: DialogKaiToast.xml animations (thanks deanrparry) 2006-01-16 fixed: Incorrect animation tags in some Dialogs. 2006-01-10 fixed: Invalid control tags in Slideshow.xml 2006-01-10 fixed: Missing on DialogNumeric.xml 2006-01-09 fixed: MusicVisualisation.xml was invalid. 2006-01-08 changed: Moved to version 1.90 compatible. 2006-01-08 fixed: Listcontrol in DialogVideoInfo.xml couldn't be focused. 2005-12-29 changed: Moved to version 1.86 compatible. 2005-12-29 changed: simplified the conditionals on home 2005-12-29 changed: volumebar now uses info labels 2005-12-24 fixed: spincontrol positions in album & video info windows 2005-12-24 fixed: navigation from cast button to spin control in video info window 2005-12-16 changed: Moved to version 1.85 compatible. 2005-12-11 changed: Moved to version 1.8 compatible. 2005-12-04 fixed: Small navigation problem in DialogVideoInfo (16x9). 2005-12-04 changed: Play button shows Play when FastForwarding or Rewinding. 2005-12-01 added: FileBrowser.xml - initial skinning by BritneysPAIRS 2005-11-30 fixed: DialogKaiToast background control id to 0 (1 could cause crashes) 2005-11-24 fixed: music.jpg replaced with defaultAlbumCover.png 2005-11-23 fixed: SongInfo overlay during slideshow didnt work properly in 16:9 resolutions 2005-11-23 fixed: localized the "Track" label in the fullscreen viz music infos 2005-11-23 changed: matched the My Videos button order with My Music (Playlists button) 2005-11-23 fixed: order of the home images 2005-11-23 fixed: the 16:9 homescreen used 4:3 images 2005-11-21 changed: added use of new multiimage control in home page. 2005-10-25 changed: made the pics overlay (back button) available only when music is playing 2005-10-25 added: hidden bookmark buttons to My Videos Files view (unlock and configure in \PAL\MyVideo.xml) 2005-10-25 removed: Play Disc button from all My Videos views (its in the context menu now) 2005-10-25 added: hidden bookmark buttons to My Music Files view (unlock and configure in \PAL\MyMusicSongs.xml) 2005-10-25 removed: Record button from My Music Files view (its on the fullscreen OSD now) 2005-10-09 fixed: solved the floating button problem on the OSD without !Control.Hasfocus() tags 2005-10-09 added: conditional OSD buttons to record web radio / go to DVD menu 2005-10-09 changed: the topmost button in both fullscreen OSDs leads to the Now Playing window now 2005-10-09 removed: xmls for Music Top 100 view as this is included in the library view anyways 2005-10-09 fixed: some alignment issues in the OSD subscreens 2005-10-03 fixed: new dvd button all good now (lil mofo :P ) 2005-10-03 fixed: xbmctex.exe couldnt handle the no-focus textures of the new dvd buttons - made them *.png 2005-10-02 fixed: my music keeps its settings. (buttons need to reference ID 5, not 500) 2005-10-02 changed: removed no-focus textures from thumbnailpanels and lists 2005-10-02 changed: some other minor homescreen changes 2005-10-02 changed: made the DVD launcher in the homescreen a button since there were no good buttons free on the remote control 2005-09-30 changed: new homescreen pictures incl slideshow 2005-09-30 added: label to support direct DVD start 2005-09-23 fixed: SF bug [ 1254394 ] PM3 skin, weather; unable to view city in 1080i 2005-09-23 fixed: SF bug [ 1295196 ] Unable to view IMDb info cast in 16:9 skin 2005-09-23 added: common-font18.xpr font, needed for 1080i 2005-09-18 fixed: SF bug [ 1290635 ] PM Skin 1080i Screen Adjustment 2005-09-18 fixed: SF bug [ 1267376 ] Restart XBMC Button Stretched 2005-09-07 fixed: navigation in the Video Info dialog wasnt working properly 2005-08-30 fixed: playlist indicaors in fullscreen viz media infos coulnt display all numbers (eg 1005/29..) 2005-08-30 fixed: some sttings items didnt fit on the panel properly 2005-08-29 removed: removed buttons from the left panel in My Music and My Videos as the functions are in the context menu anyways 2005-08-25 fixed: Visualisation Select Button was not visible as it was set to visibility false 2005-08-25 fixed: progressbar was not visible as it was set to visibility no 2005-08-25 fixed: third line in fullscreen info was not visible as it was set to visibility no 2005-08-23 changed: KAI button in the homescreen now completly relying on visible tags (also hiding properly now) 2005-08-23 fixed: hidden Restart Application button had the wrong size in 4:3 resolutions 2005-08-20 fixed: the 16:9 homescreen background pictures did not have any fading tags 2005-08-16 fixed: at the end of a thumbpanel the focus jumped to the left buttonpanel 2005-08-10 changed: top button in videoosd is now used for entering dvdmenu 2005-08-07 changed: added another font class for the shutdown menu (fontBL) because this certain label was hard to read in PAL 2005-08-06 changed: home background pictures now disabled on any media instead of just on video (to avoid viz stuttering) 2005-08-06 added: hidden functions for developers - press up/down on the shutdown menu to reload skin/restart the app 2005-08-06 fixed: media infos in fs visualisation could not be hidden in 16:9 mode 2005-08-06 fixed: minor fix on the shutdown menu 2005-08-06 changed: new video OSD dialogs (bookmarks menu with thumbs now too) 2005-08-05 changed: Updated the format of the fading of controls to latest CVS format. 2005-08-03 fixed: toast dialog disappears to quick in PAL resolution 2005-08-01 added: fading effects to various dialogs 2005-07-30 changed: format of sounds.xml 2005-07-30 changed: info label tags 2005-07-28 fixed: Overlays in the Album- and VideoInfo screens 2005-07-26 added: Calibration window for Gui Calibration 2005-07-26 removed: reverted the posibilty to hide controls in the homescreen with the black button 2005-07-26 changed: Controls now automaticly hiding in the homescreen when Music is Playing and no button pressed for 60 seconds 2005-07-24 changed: hid the music/videooverlay in the kai client 2005-07-24 changed: Kai Host dialog radiobutton color now matching the rest of the skin 2005-07-24 fixed: cleaned up commenting 2005-07-24 fixed: cleaned up bg textures 2005-07-24 changed: the RSS is now hidden in the homescreen when music is playing (could stutter on certain visualisations) 2005-07-23 added: fps info to the fullscreen visualisation infos 2005-07-23 added: Next / Previous buttons to the virtual keyboard 2005-07-22 changed: bg fadeout on shutdownmenu, numpad and keyboard 2005-07-22 changed: mousepointer color now matching with the rest of the skin 2005-07-22 changed: new virtual keyboard 2005-07-22 fixed: homescreen textures had one button darker than the others 2005-07-21 changed: finished the numeric keyboard 2005-07-21 fixed: shutdownmenu aspect ratio in 4:3 2005-07-21 fixed: bad button textures in the 4:3 homescreen 2005-07-21 changed: made the logo in the 4:3 homescreen a little bit smaller (like in the 16:9 homescreen) 2005-07-21 fixed: music cover aspect ratio in the 4:3 homescreen 2005-07-18 added: separator texture for settings 2005-07-11 added: textures for numerical keyboard 2005-07-11 changed: new placeholder cover when music without thumb is playing 2005-07-10 changed: shortened the codec infos in fullscreen viz 2005-07-10 added: extra slideshow overlay including song infos (optional) 2005-07-10 added: music infos now available during slideshow 2005-07-08 changed: made the infos on the music and video overlay one-liners 2005-07-08 added: function to hide controls in the homescreen if media is playing (black button) 2005-07-06 changed: Added use of Player.Time and Player.Duration to reduce number of controls in some windows. 2005-07-05 changed: new home pics 2005-07-05 fixed: Video and Music Overlays were not visible on AlbumInfo and VideoInfo dialogs 2005-07-05 fixed: new seekbar fully working now 2005-07-05 fixed: buttons on the new shutdownmenu not pulsing anymore 2005-07-04 added: more progressbar tweaks 2005-07-04 removed: Create Thumbnails button in My Pictures 2005-07-04 fixed: problems with the new seekbar 2005-07-03 added: default Icons for scripts 2005-07-03 changed: made the Music and Video OSD more consistent 2005-07-03 changed: added new progress indicators in fullscreen video and fullscreen visualisation mode 2005-07-03 changed: progressbar gfx 2005-07-02 added: drivespace labels in filemanager 2005-07-02 changed: slimmer fullscreen viz infos 2005-07-02 changed: replaced kai icon on kai toast dialog with info icon to make the dialog more versatile 2005-07-02 changed: removed eject button from submenu since its in the shutdownmenu now 2005-07-02 changed: moved profiles button from shutdownmenu to settings screen 2005-07-02 changed: new shutdown menu (right thumbstick button) 2005-06-25 changed: Moved weather logo into the skin. 2005-06-20 fixed: some minor font placement issues 2005-06-13 added: Music OSD during fullscreen visualisation 2005-06-13 fixed: 720p font.xml still refered to unused fonts. 1080i yet to test 2005-06-13 added: eject funktion to SubMenu 2005-06-06 changed: Updated rss controls to new scheme (zero based references to XBoxMediaCenter.xml) 2005-05-14 changed: swapped play/pause button textures in video osd and playercontrol 2005-05-11 changed: somemore ttf size tweaks 2005-05-10 fixed: context menu size (some labels barely fit) 2005-05-10 fixed: some ttf font issues/sizes 2005-05-10 changed: Default control in scripts + programs is now the list/thumb view. 2005-05-06 added: new system info 2005-05-06 added: Volume in OSD audio options 2005-05-05 fixed: id in seekbar was wrong. 2005-05-04 added: inital xml and gfx for the new seekbar 2005-05-04 changed: new Video OSD 2005-04-16 added: New Script Skin Builder - see custom3.xml 2005-04-16 fixed: weather icons now display correct in 16:9 2005-04-16 added: nofocus textures for the Settings and My Files button 2005-04-16 fixed: finally fixed made the homescreen 4:3 compatible (was just quick n dirty from 16:9) 2005-04-15 fixed: FileManager.xml had an unused image control. 2005-04-15 fixed: tag in My Weather current conditions label. 2005-04-15 fixed: possible fix for the flickering homescreen during viz 2005-04-14 changed: made the homescreen txtures visible again when viz is disabled 2005-04-14 changed: Updated to 1.3 2005-04-14 fixed: Commented controls now use correct xml comment format. 2005-04-13 added: shutter sound when taking a screenshot 2005-04-13 fixed: time and buffering label positions during fullscreen video 2005-04-13 fixed: Music infolabel width in homescreen and fullscreen viz 2005-04-13 changed: Updated for v1.3 compatibility. 2005-04-12 added: GUI sound effects 2005-04-11 changed: Changed buttons->labels in VideoFullScreen.xml 2005-04-11 changed: VideoOSD v1.3 compliance 2005-04-11 changed: Updated everything to use and tags where appropriate (v1.3 compliance) 2005-04-10 changed: moved the new timedisplay below the progressbar 2005-04-10 fixed: filstacking discs didnt display in the correct aspectratio in 16:9 2005-04-10 changed: some more things to match the overall color feel (like rss and sliders) 2005-04-10 fixed: removed test covershot from 16:9 videoOSD 2005-04-10 changed: homescreen facelift 2005-04-10 added: custom progressbar and time display in fullscreen video after seek and during ff/rw 2005-04-10 changed: set id of biglist to 52 instead of 51 in MyMusicTop100.xml 2005-04-09 changed: set all the onleft/onright for all listscontrols and thumbnailpanels to 2 2005-04-09 fixed: Minor Submenu typo - also changed the Movie Trailers link to use QuickTimeBroweser.py now